Spenzo And Cam’Ron Tear Up Chicago In A Lambo In The New Video For “Anytime”

We first met Spenzo when he was a promising prospect from the war-torn city of Chicago. The dire situation in his hometown inspired Spenzo to create contemplative music, unlike many of his modern contemporaries who revel in the mayhem and even strive to further it. The first video that Karmaloop TV created for Spenzo was “Heaven Can Wait,” a somber lament on fleeting youth set in his native neighborhood, Englewood. The next was “Clearly,” a song about a girl set in downtown Manhattan. For the third and final Karmaloop TV x Spenzo music video, we return to Chicago for an all out banger, spouting all the braggadocio and challenge of any fire-breathing young MC.

“For this video, we cruised through some of the roughest spots in Chi-town,” says Karmaloop TV’s Thuan Tran, the director of photography on the video. “Just in time, Cam’ron came through and made this a real banger.” Follow the two rappers, the legend and the new guard, as they tear through the streets of Chicago in a Lambo, blazing and getting wild anytime they please.

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