Spring Break Style Guide: Guys And Girls Both Love Flowers


So, spring break is even closer than it was yesterday, and you still haven’t shopped? We think you need some help, ASAP. You’re going to have to get your travel gear together at some point, so why not start now?

Floral prints are such an essential part of any “getaway” wardrobe, that you really shouldn’t go anywhere without ’em. Perfect for either daytime or evenings, flower prints allow you to add a certain dynamic element that other prints can’t. For guys, it shows that you are comfortable enough to thug it out with some lilacs, and for girls…can you ever really go wrong with flowers?

Scroll down to find the right scent for you and don’t miss that flight!

1. MKL Collective Nightshade Jumpsuit



2. 10 Deep Division Buttondown



3. MKL Collective Getaway Tank




4. 10 Deep Split Tee in Nightfall Floral



5. Advocate The Great Watch 




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