Spring Break Style Guide: Keep Your Bucket Low, Like F*ck It Doe

Spring break is creeping faster than TLC and if you haven’t finished your shopping yet, we think you need some help, ASAP. There’s nothing worse than showing up on vacation under dressed with minimal swag…like literally nothing.

Bucket hats are like the secret ingredient for a spicy spring break. There’s not one article of clothing in the world which packs more character, flavor and style than a bucket hat. Perfect for actually shading your face during the peak sun hours, or just turning up at the club at night, you really can’t go wrong. And, if you need any more convincing: women love bucket hats, so there’s always that. 

Scroll through our favorites from Karmaloop and pick one (or two) to don on your upcoming trip. 

1. Crooks and Castles Killstreak Bucket Hat in Desert Camo



Definitely meant for a more rugged spring break, this desert camo piece from Crooks is more the subdued player.

2. Altamont The Paint By Camo Bucket Hat in Fatigue




Love at first sight.

3. Akomplice The Red Ocean Bucket Hat in Red




Say what? Catch me, I’m balling!

4. 10 Deep The Parrish Smith Bucket Hat in Red Plaid



Meant for Sherlock Holmes or a smooth criminal on spring break, this plaid joint is the truth and a half.

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