Spring Break Style Guide: Guys And Girls Get Your Bottoms Up


So far, we’ve covered luggage, kicks, sunglasses and more in our Spring Break Style Guide series. That’s nearly everything to give you enough to get you on a plane and far, far away from here. Every except, bottoms.

You can’t possibly be on the beach the entire time you are on vacation. There will be times when you need to grab lunch, hit the store for supplies or walk off a big meal, and let’s be real: ain’t nobody got time for pants on spring break! Whether it be board shorts or skirts, there are many alternatives for keeping any pants off of your body until you have to step on that return flight home.

As seasoned vets of the spring break life, we snooped around Karmaloop and found some affordable, comfortable pieces to help accompany you on your upcoming break. Scroll through and check out which one is worthy enough for you.

1. This Is A Love Song The Pacific Shorts


2. MKL Collective The Villa Skirt in White



3. LRG Epoch Boardshorts in Turquoise


4. Matix Gripper Cargo Short in Desert


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