Staff Selects: The Best Of Men’s Scarves On Karmaloop


The big homies over at Karmaloop recently did a feature on the Top 20 Men’s Scarves and it’s poppin’. Featuring the dopest pieces from Obey, NEFF, Insight and more, it pretty much covered the whole spectrum of neckwear for the winter. Whether you’re looking for something heavy to hold you down for the winter or something light for the spring, we can guarantee you will find it here.

However, not everyone has the time to look through 20 different scarves to find which one works the best for their personal style. We picked our three favorite joints to make it easier for you to get a move on. Think nothing of it, bro.

1. Obey City Hunt Scarf

We covered this scarf in a different colorway earlier, and it’s back, baby. If you ask us, we like this rich red a little more than the olive version, but it’s hard to go wrong either way.


2. Insight Spalding Scarf

Insight has some of the best scarves on Karmaloop. They are masters of the heavier cotton scarves, more suited for the harsh winter months.


3. NEFF Stretchy Neck Thing 

This neckwrap model from NEFF is genius. A simple, one piece wrap that you can use to cover your face and neck, shielding you  from the bitter winds and haters at the same time. This kitty design is gold, too. You’re guaranteed to cause multiple double takes walking around with this piece.



Click here to see the rest of the Top 20 Scarves! 

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