Staff Selects: Fellas, Find Your Summertime Cool On Karmaloop


Summer is all about finding or experimenting with new looks. Chances are you aren’t wearing what you used to wear 3 years ago, and if you are, you are looking for something new ASAP. But what look is it going to be? Urban high-end? Skater punk? Streetwear casual? Thug life?

When it comes to finding a new look, we believe in finding what works for you. Yeah, staying with the trends are cool, but looking like an idiot in public isn’t. When it comes to mens fashion in the summer, you have a few less options than the fall because you are limited on the layering and accessorizing, so you have to be creative. Sunglasses and hats go a long away, and keeping a light flannel or buttonup for the evenings is always a smart move. Go to brands like Mishka, Converse, Nudie Jeans and more.

Scroll through the product photos to see how our Karmaloop models made it work and click below to start getting creative for yourself.

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