Staff Selects: Take Your Girl To The Beach In Style


With summer in full swing, it’s either time to be coupled up for on the prowl. If you’re the cupcake type and have a partner for the summer, it’s definitely wise to steal a couple days away on the beach at some point. Whether you’re in San Diego or Cabos San Lucas, the beach instantly brings good vibes and selfie opportunities.

However, there’s no point in showing up to the beach looking like a bum, because, well being a “beachbum” isn’t as cool it sounds. Whether you’re just strolling the boardwalk or laying out, you gotta bring the fresh.


For fellas, some Chuck Taylors from Converse are a safe bet for the beach, with their canvas uppers keeping you cool and covered at the same time. Graphic tees look right at place on the beach, and this Neon Dreams from Fly Society shines extra bright. A hat is usually wise, unless you like squinting for 6 hours straight, and Mishka has some dope snapbacks from the summer.


Ladies have it a little easier at the beach, opting to dress it up or down, depending on the vibe. If you want to dress it up, a good pair of denim and flats are a must. These High Waisted distressed jeans from Style Hunter are definitely an eye catcher and the Ankle Sandal flats from Sole La Vie are the perfect companion. For the top, grab something chic and adventurous from Beach Riot to make it all come together. Karmaloop_Guru_CTA_Click_to_Shopklxstaffselects2 klxstaffselects3 klxstaffselects4 klxstaffselects5

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