Staple Finds Lost Paradise With Their Summer Lookbook


Well, here’s something different. Though it looks more like a Calvin Klein photoshoot than a streetwear lookbook, we can’t deny that Staple definitely stepped it up here. It’s kinda hard to tell where they’re at exactly, but we’d like to go there as soon as possible, please.

Featuring both mens and womens looks, this collection balances bolder designs with more mature, subtle options. Whether you feeling like buttoning up or swagging out, there options are endless. Also, it’s always good to see our good friend, the Staple Pigeon, show his face every now and then.

Anybody else feel like moving to California after seeing these?Karmaloop_Guru_Shop_Brandstaple-2014-summer-paradise-lost-lookbook-2staple-2014-summer-paradise-lost-lookbook-5staple-2014-summer-paradise-lost-lookbook-7staple-2014-summer-paradise-lost-lookbook-8staple-2014-summer-paradise-lost-lookbook-11staple-2014-summer-paradise-lost-lookbook-14

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