Staple LTD Shows Us Why To Stop Complaining About Snow In New Lookbook

Ok, so maybe we complain about snow a little too much. I mean, granted, it has been snowing damn near every day this winter in NYC, but Staple shows us exactly why it’s important to turn circumstances into opportunity. Shot in the middle of one of the many blizzards in NYC, Staple’s latest lookbook explores the love-hate relationship many people have with New York City, choosing to deal with the ugly in exchange for the rare moments of beautiful.

As huge supporters of Staple Clothing, check out our “Behind The Brand” with them here, we could definitely identify with this message. As Part 1 of their “Seasonal Affective” lookbook, these hoodies and and jackets give us a taste of what Staple has planned for the Spring 2014.

As they put it, “New York is that bad bitch who doesn’t give you the time of day… but you love her for it.” Amen.

Click below to shop this varsity jacket and more from Staple on Karmaloop now. 


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