Making The Brand: Jeff Staple Gives Us The Story Behind The Pigeon

You know the pigeon when you see it. The iconic bird has always been an unofficial symbol of New York City and metropolitan centers in general. It’s perseverance and survivalist spirit is what inspired Jeff Staple to select the urban bird as the mascot for his brand, Staple Design. Over the last few years, Staple has built an empire around streetwear design that breaks from the typical pattern and brings unusual sources of inspiration to the table.

When he first started, Staple wasn’t trying to start a globally-distributed, critically acclaimed company. He describes the first pieces he created as an “art expression,” a different way to show interesting work–on clothing, as opposed to on a gallery or apartment wall. Through consistently visually striking pieces, cohesive merchandising, and a general brand culture of experimentation and willingness to learn and adapt, Staple Design grew into a street wear giant, consulting and collaborating with brands such as Nike, Timberland, LVMH, New Balance and many more.

Staple attributes the organic feel of his new Fall 2013 collection to spending a lot of time in nature recently. Being off the grid took his creativity to a mellower state, which he applied to his new designs. In fact, the new collection is a balancing act in many ways: Staple maintains the core NYC inspiration while incorporating an earthier, more natural flavor. The new pieces also appeal to the core customers of the brand while simultaneously appealing to a wider audience, incorporating more people into the brand identity and culture.

We had a chance to kick with the fashion guru at his dope new spot Reed Space in the Lower East side–check the video above for a sneak peek into the Staple brand.

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