Steve Aoki and Waka Flocka Rage The Night Away On Their New Joint


Steve Aoki doesn’t get enough credit sometimes. From building a movement out of his dorm room in college to eventually getting nominated for a Grammy, the man is brilliant. Yeah, sometimes he makes a caricature of himself for the sales, but that shouldn’t take away from what he has built. And this is coming from someone who thinks Illmatic is the greatest album of all time.

With his new album Neon Future due out sometime this year, Aoki liberates a track featuring none other than Mr. Waka Flocka Flame and it is a banger. Waka is really making a move into rapping over electronic beats, especially after coming off a (very) dope verse on Freeway and Girl Talk’s latest. “Rage The Night Way” is almost chaotic, and almost sounds like a car speeding downhill with no breaks, but somehow it works. Click play to hear what we’re talking about:

Steve has been the homie since way back. Check out our CEO Greg Selkoe interviewing him on Karmaloop’s Verge Campus tour with Kendrick Lamar




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