STREET STYLE: Spank Rock and Juiceboxxx, Cameo Brooklyn 2/22/2014

Karmaloop’s own Lil Internet DJ’d with art-rappers Spank Rock and Juiceboxxx at Cameo in Brooklyn on Saturday.  We snapped some flicks of the attendees so you can check out the looks and get some shopping inspiration….


Spank Rock himself rocking some sublimation printed joggers.  Karmaloop’s got some by LATHC here.



Johnny from The Death Set and Sophia with some biker leather and leopard print.  We recommend this vegan leather biker jacket from Entree for the classic biker style look.



Fell in love with this face instantly.  We also love girls who can wear looser fitting jeans and still look sexy.



Very chill dude in camo.  Check out our Vans Talavera jacket.



This guy’s hoodie is sick, custom made by Bring Your Own NY.  All we could find is their Facebook page but hit them up!



Black, red, and gold is a perfect color scheme.  We don’t have any 3 finger rings (!!!), but this 2 finger pyramid ring is pretty tight.

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