Get Your Stripes Done Right [STYLE GUIDE]


When it comes to stripes, not everyone knows how to do it right. Wearing striped clothing attracts eyes because of the boldness of the design–it’s something that simply can’t be missed. However, wear the wrong color combination or some out of shape stripes, and you could be in for a long night.

When we went looking to earn our stripes on Karmaloop, we wanted some diversity. We didn’t want the same old chunky Old Navy designs that we see too often. Luckily, we found some crispy joints we haven’t seen anywhere else, so we’re pretty confident that you guys will dig them. Get right in stripes.¬†

1. Volcom Earl Button Up Hoody

A button up hoody? You are already winning. This unique piece from Volcom mixes the comfort of a hooded sweatshirt with the accessibility of a jacket. The blue heather wash gives it a cozy, vintage feel which will set it apart from the standard fare you’ll find at your local Macy’s. We’re pretty sure it doesn’t get better than that.


2. Matix Tanner Fleece Pullover 

A lightweight, 100% cotton hoodie for the warmer winter days. The distinctive color blocking makes it easily layerable with a denim jacket or heavier winter coat. Pair with some dark denim or cargo pants for a complete look.


3. Black Scale Rajah Sweatshirt 

The don dada. Black Scale brings the royalty with this one, mixing a snakeskin inspired print with purposefully off kilter stripes. Don’t wear this every day though; this is definitely a piece you should stash for a special occasion.



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