Style Biter: ’90s Revival A La Aaliyah [STYLE GUIDE]


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If you haven’t noticed by now, ’90s nostalgia is in full swing. The ’90s were when MTV dominated, wearing clothes backwards was encouraged, and condoms doubled as eye wear. So basically, the best time ever. While we definitely shouldn’t revive ALL  ’90s fashion, some looks deserve to be brought back.

Aaliyah is probably the biggest style inspiration from the 90s. Everyone fawned over this chick; Aaliyah was the epitome of laid back cool. She showed just enough skin to be sexy, but still maintained her edge with baggy pants and bandanas – making it so pretty much every guy was in love with her. Ask every boy in middle school who they wanted to wife up and chances were, Aaliyah was their top choice. Check out these picks below & see how you can inject some Aaliyah into your wardrobe this season.


Age ain’t nothing but a number. Click below to get what you need to really make it a #throwbackthursday.


The HBIC Boot in Wheat Nubuck (Exclusive)

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