STYLE GUIDE: Avoid All Things Basic With Grungy Acid Wash and Trippy Tie-Dye


By @Melizards

All chemicals lie on a pH scale between acidic and basic.  No one wants to be basic (duh). A basic chemical tastes bitter, while acidic chemicals taste sour, like a warhead or the lemonade in your Arnold Palmer. Acidic is the opposite of basic, and in the pursuit of evading all things basic this summer Karmaloop is freshly stocked with batches of acid washed gear. #TEAMACID

Then there’s tie-dye, a close cousin to acid wash, which also fends off basicness from alkalizing your wardrobe. Who invented tie-dye anyways?? Those splattered swirls of color have become a staple of American style, and an icon of the 1960s psychedelic age. I doubt whoever invented tie-dye imagined that a technique of coloring would be associated with an entire decade.

Although most Americans think of hippie culture, tie-dyes roots actually date back as early as the 16th century, with the technique being used in India, Japan, and Africa. The trippy dye style we know today eventually made it’s way to America in the 1960s when Rit, a popular brand of dye, was struggling to make profit. A marketer named Don Price went door-to-door in Greenwich Village, where many hippies lived at the time, looking for people who would use Rit for tie-dying. Artists, opinion leaders, and influencers took the style like they took acid . Two of these artists, Will and Eileen Richardson, got sponsored by Rit to sell their designs at Woodstock, and the rest is history. The designer clothing line Halston began producing tie-dyed goods and influencers like Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker famously wore the dazzling swirls. Tie-dye became a symbol of antiestablishmentarianism, as not one shirt can be identical to another.

This revolutionary style can be seen trending again on the streets, and Karmaloop’s got you covered.


A classic piece with classic script, this Dark Seas Locals Only Tee in Tie Dye is perfect for rocking at your locals only secret surf spot.




Puff, Huf, Pass…get high or tie dying with the Huf Tie Dye Plant Life Crew Socks which pay homage to the psychedelic age in more ways than their coloring.






The Tie Dye Short by The Laundry Room combines the three best things–acid wash, tie-dye, and booty.



“You’re glowing!” will be a compliment heard often with The Palladium x ATMOS Pampa Hi Boot in Tie-Dye Black Glow in the Dark



Get decked out in tie-dye from head-to-toe with The Dye Trying Chuck Strapback in Purple by Chuck Originals.

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