STYLE GUIDE: Clashist’s Cyber Printed Swimwear


By @Melizards

Summer’s camo = blending into bodies of water (bonus benefit: hiding from creepy dudes at the public pool).   The light patterns on the Pool Water swimsuit by Clashist demonstrate the amazing ways Mother Nature works her artistic magic.  Those patterns of light in the pool are caused by ripples on top of the water deflecting the sunlight.  The peak of the wave refracts the light down, leading to concentrated beams of light (in those cool fractal patterns) being projected onto the bottom of the floor.  Basically, flaunting this swimsuit will transform you into an aqueous #seapunk babe.

Equally awesome is Clashist’s oil slick one-piece.  Generally, oil and water don’t mix well…so Clashist has defied the laws of chemistry by making an oily suit that’s totally suitable for water dunking.  If you’ve ever stared at an oil spill on the street in awe of the trippy-dippy holographic swirls of magic, this swimsuit is for you (not that we condone oil spills).


Make a #SPLASH this summer with the wave-rave worthy Pool Water One Piece Swimsuit by Clashist.


Clashist’s Oil Slick One Piece Swimsuit is a non-greasy way to oil up this summer.

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