STYLE GUIDE: How To Dress Like Kurt Cobain


We’ve been listening to Nirvana all day. We gotta say, we kind of like their first album Bleach the best.  Everyone always talks about Nevermind and subsequent albums but Bleach gets us the most turnt up. Anyways, band leader Kurt Cobain became a style icon in the 90’s basically by not really trying at all. That’s the real path to swag: don’t try, look great anyways. If you want the “I don’t care if my clothes match, I’m the God of 90’s grunge” style, Karmaloop can help.

1. MKL Accessories – Lady Luck Sunglasses


Kurt Cobain’s weird round grandma-meets-the-Jetson’s sunglasses, so we had to hop over to Miss KL to find a similar pair.  These should look weird enough for you.

2. Mark Jonster – Flower Buttondown Shirt


Layering an unbuttoned patterned dress shirt over whatever tee you grabbed off the floor is essential – plus you can tie it around your waist later for that 90’s signature touch.  Mark Jonster has this one locked down.

3. Joyrich Tune Leopard Tee 


Kurt Cobain rocked animal prints in several shoots. Who knew he was such a hypebeast? Sublimation tees were rare if they were even invented yet in the 90’s, but we could see Kurt in this Joyrich Leopard shirt.

4. DePalma – Thompson Cap


Floppy eared hunting cap- check. DePalma’s got it for you, with the perfect lumberjack print to match.

5. PRPS – Rambler Jeans in Light Wash


You could get a regular pair of jeans and wear them for 12 years without washing them but we’re not sure if you want to wait that long.  Prps Goods & Co does the job for you for an immediate grunge look.

6. Converse Chuck Taylor in Black


Black Chucks. Obviously. We’re surprised they don’t just give you a pair of these when you’re born.  Maybe it’s because your feet are the size of a baby kumquat and you can’t walk yet. Well, grab a pair now if you need to re-up!



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