STYLE GUIDE: Bring Back Early Y2K Retro Rap Realness With Night Ryderz Clothing


By @Melizards

I’ll never forget ringing in the New Year on January 1, 2000. As a little kid I truly believed this meant the reigning in of a futuristic utopia, complete with flying cars and modern stainless steel buildings. I pictured space age conveniences straight out of the Jetsons like food at the click of a button, and imagined myself wearing cutting edge cyber fashions. Analysts prophesized a more fatalistic future, speculating that entire computer networks would crash as a result of being unable to process dates beyond the 1900s.

After all of the suspenseful build up towards Y2K, few of the speculations turned out to be true…but it did bring with it a jiggy era of rap with the rise of the dirty south and it’s distinctly materialistic style of dress. The fashions of the era didn’t quite jump right into crazy futuristic alien wear, though it did have a signature style largely influenced by the popularization of rap music at the time. Baggy jeans, graphic-heavy tall tees, sports jerseys, oversized leather bomber jackets, paisley prints, mesh shorts, big chains, and bucket hats rang in the New Year with a new breed.

All trends make their way back around as people get nostalgic, and as a result we’ve seen a whole lot of early 2000s influence in streetwear fashion lately. The Dipset crew is back in action with their own line of clothing, Rihanna often flaunts tomboyish silhouettes similar to Aaliyah, Kendrick Lamar has been wearing paisley tees like Cam’ron, and Schoolboy Q frequently rocks bucket hats (even the totally throwback fuzzy Kangol ones).

Stop, drop, shut ‘em down open up and shop for the latest Y2K retro rap inspired gear with Karmaloop’s Night Ryderz selection.


The Dipset crew is back with their own line of clothing. Cop the retro-style Diplomats’ The Dipset USA 1997 Crewneck in Black and pair it with matching throwback New Balance The Elite Edition Barbershop Pack 580 Sneaker in Red. Complete the look with a nostalgic bucket hat, just like Cam’ron used to rock, with Rocksmith’s The G’s Up Bucket Hat in Black.


In the early 2000s, wearing paisley stopped being automatically associated with gang culture and became a staple of streetwear clothing. Get paisly’d with Crooks and Castles’ The Knit Bandit Tee in White and Crooks and Castles’ The Bandit Basketball Shorts in Black. Top off the monochrome look with The NY Snapback Hat in Black by Rocksmith.


July 4th may have passed but rocking red, white, and blue Americana colors is still trending. Rep the USA with The Icon Anorak Jacket in Navy, Lava & White by Crooks and Castles and The Duel Motive Shorts in Lava by Crooks and Castles.


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