STYLE GUIDE: I’m Out For Presidents To Represent Me


So, did anyone know that Monday is President’s Day? Yeah, we’re not exactly sure what we’re celebrating either (research tells us that both George Washington and Abe Lincoln’s birthday’s were in Feburary), but hey, we got the day off so we’re not complaining. After you cross the age of around 14, the meaning of word “presidents” changes for you. Gone are the images of old white men in wigs, and in their place are images of dead presidents, aka dollar bills.

We doubt you will be spending your President’s Day over old American history textbooks and lighting candles for your boy, G.W, so we put together some of our favorite #getmoney items on Karmaloop for you to floss instead.  But be careful, because as well know, more money, more problems.

1. Monsieur – Money Tee



2. Rocksmith- New Money Tee


3. Magnum Socks – Money Socks in Multi



4. Barely Broke Intellects – Time is Money Crewneck 


5. Crooks And Castles – Easy Money Crewneck



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