STYLE GUIDE: Fellas, It’s Time For You To Impress Her ‘Rents


Have an important date night coming up?  You know, like the one where you actually have to meet the parents? Trust us, your DRUGS tee and weed socks aren’t gonna cut it. But don’t sweat it, you can look respectable and still have that street style edge with a little preparation and help. No, we weren’t expecting to you do all the work yourself.

We went around and asked all the babes in the Karmaloop office what they like on a guy when it comes to “the date”. Check out what they come up with.

1. ZAK – Patterned Woven Shirt 



2. The New Standard Edition – Jordan Cargo Jogger 



3. Nixon Cannon Watch 


4. Sperry Top-Sider Free Time Boat Shoe 


Aaaand, a bouquet of flowers always scores points from the girl AND the rents!


There’s more where that came from. Shop our carefully curated ‘Meet The Parents’ showcase and stock up on sophisticated streetwear essentials.



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