STYLE GUIDE: Reebok Instapump Fury OG “Citron”


Originally released in 1994, these Reebok Instapumps are sure to make people shed a tear or two. The citron color immediately screams “retro” and we can see these making a big comeback in the summer time. Our resident stylist Gitoo is infamous for staying in some Instapumps, even if there’s six of inches of snow on the ground.

We can both agree that there isn’t any point in breaking the bank of some fly kicks if you don’t have the outfits to rock with then. Since we know you’re going to be searching hard for these, we figured we would hit you with a style guide to make the rest of your life a little easier. Staying away from too much neon green, we hit you with some solid options to make the block hot this spring.

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