STYLE GUIDE: Teal Recognize Teal


By @Melizards

Teal is a shade of blue, a color which has a rich history behind it. Back in the day blue was a #veryrare pigment to come by, and thus came to represent sanctity and nobility. Recent polls in the U.S. and Europe overwhelmingly found blue to be the most popular color, chosen by nearly half all men and women as their favorite hue. Today people consider blue and teal to be colors of tranquility.

The color teal is a low-saturated color, a bluish-green similar to dark cyan. Teal’s complementary color is coral, which suits it because teal resembles the color of the ocean. Teal’s aqueous qualities make it a perfect hue for summer swag. We’re all about the wave rave lifestyle, so make a #SPLASH this summer with fresh teal colored gear from Karmaloop.


The Top Ten Cities Pack Sneaker in Teal by Adidas look fresh as hell with a shiny patent upper and all-teal-everything coloring.


The Charlotte Hornets Retro 90s Tank in Teal by Mitchell & Ness is totally on trend with it’s throwback aesthetics…and you don’t need to be a Hornets fan to rock it.


The Smoke Ninjas Snapback Hat in Turquoise by Rocksmith resembles an underwater seascape in the dopest way.


Stay comfy cool with The Pigeon Luxe Cuff Pant in Teal by Staple.


A cross necklace with an f’ing KNIFE built in, The Mini 1″ Cross Knife Necklace by Monsieur is a fashion-forward take on the Swiss Army knife.

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