How to Dress Like: A Weed Sock Guy


Ah the classic Weed Sock Guy… riding around town on his skateboard, smoking dank nuggs, and turning up to Odd Future.  A staple dude of contemporary fashion.  The weed sock guy tends to spend more on his socks than the rest of his wardrobe and does not hesitate to show off the fact that he does in fact smoke a lot of weed.  This look includes high socks (pun intended), a graphic tee, Vans, cargo shorts, and a bucket hat or otherwise.  If weed sock guy is not shopping for more weed socks at Karmaloop, you can find him at your local bodega.  He is usually buying blunts.  Or rolling blunts.  Or smoking blunts.  He sounds like a damn super hero right?!  Except he is a lot lazier.  His weakness is when the town is “mad” dry and he angrily attacks you with Funyuns.  Don’t mess with him when he’s in his basement heating up his Hot Pockets to a scorching temperature or you might get burned by some sort of mystery sausage meat bubbling inside.  Shout out to weed sock guy for bringing a modern twist to your regular skater dude.  Weed sock guy…we cool right?  Keep not wearing pants my dude, we need to see those socks.

Get the look:


Volcom shorts khaki shorts karmaloop khaki shorts

Shorts are important, because seeing the weed socks is crucial.  Try the Volcom Faceted Shorts in Bronze.


bucket hat rocksmith bucket hat

Bucket hats and weed go perfect together.  Rocksmith’s Ninja Star Bucket Hat will do the trick.


panda bear lrg shirt lrg t-shirt

Pandas are so chill dude.  They def puff.  Just look at their chill ass face.  This LRG Channel 4 Panda tee shows you chill.


Vans shoes vans classic shoes black and white

Vans are the classic weed sock guy shoe.  Because he is usually from Cali and because they don’t distract from the weed socks.  Classic Van’s LPE’s always look good.


Huf weed socks

HUF Weed socks.  The socks that changed a whole generation.

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  1. DutchieD

    April 8, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    This article is offensive – I don’t find it funny. I enjoy wearing my HUF Weed socks and I also enjoy smoking weed everyday which would lead you to assume I enjoy showing off my HUF socks (correct). Which is about the only thing your “post” got right. You lost me after the third sentence and you really lost me after “He sounds like a damn super hero right?! Except he is a lot lazier.”. It’s people like you who continue to add fuel to the fire that stoners are good for nothing and lazy. I work in an office, make a very decent salary, have a 401K, and the whole 9 of what comes with having a career. I’m only 25. I wear my socks in the office and they show plenty because my pants are, believe it or not, hemmed. Yes I skated but no I don’t wear Vans. I own a single pair but own another 78 pairs of sneakers. I don’t appreciate this ridiculous generalization of “Weed Sock Guy”. I’ll go directly to HUF whenever I’m feeling the need to re-up on a few pairs. Should’ve called it “How to look like a LA Hipster” cause I’m from NYC and we don’t dress like dickheads.

    • Jaythoven

      April 10, 2014 at 3:01 pm

      You are the worst. Your status as a person who wears weed socks does not grant you the right to be offended.

  2. Jaythoven

    April 10, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    DutchieD, I am offended that you are offended. You are a terrible excuse for a human.

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