Had Enough With Plain Cuffs? The Ill Zanerobe Jogger Pants [Style Guide]


Aight, we both know you need to revamp some of the pants in your current rotation. Those jeans that you’ve been wearing unwashed for six months with the tomato sauce stains on them? They have to go. If you haven’t already heard, jogger pants are the wave for this holiday season, and Karmaloop has you more than covered.

Zanerobe has been steadily killing the game for the past few seasons, and they didn’t let us down this winter. The cut on their joggers is so ill that you’ll have a hard time going back to un-cuffed pants. The real benefit here is showing off your kicks. This isn’t the 90s, when you’d hide your skate shoes under wide-legged jeans. Give those kicks some light.

The ill pants are just a couple of clicks away. 

1. Zanerobe Sureshot Chino in Tan


2. Zanerobe Sureshot Chino in Bandana 


3. Zanerobe Sureshot Chino in Leopard Camo 



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