Summer Jams Vol. 1: Here’s What You Should Add To Your Playlist This Summer


We have no doubts you’ve been cranking [emuze username=”iggyazalea”] Iggy’s [/emuze] and “0-100” from [emuze]Drake[/emuze] all summer long, but what about the joints right below the radar that are poppin? We scoured through the interwebz, as well as the last 4 months of our lives, to find out the joints that have been in constant rotation for us. So, sit back, kick your feet up and open your ears.

P.S. We chose mostly mellow jams for this rotation, but check back next week for the #turnup.

1. [emuze]Sza[/emuze] – Julia

Beautiful song, beautiful visuals. Click play to get serenaded by SZA real quick.

2. Iman Omari Р Wait A Minute

Baby. Making. Music. Now, go!

3. [emuze]Green Street[/emuze] – Golden Child

Classic, feel-good hip-hop. Could you ask for more?

4. [emuze]Charli XCX[/emuze] РBoom Clap 

She did the hook on Iggy’s Fancy, so she might not be so under the radar, but this still deserves more views.

5. [emuze]Vic Mensa[/emuze] – Down On My Luck

Quite possibly our favorite song of the summer so far. The video is fire, too.

Are you ballin’ on a boat this summer?


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