Supra Turns A New Page For Their Magazine Hightop Sneaker


Who else do you know to blend style and performance like Supra? As one of the most consistent players in the sneaker game, Supra has been cementing their position on top for a couple years now. Whether it be rappers like Lil Wayne or skaters like Chad Muska, everyone can find a reason why Supras are the ones for them.

The Magazine sneaker is a part of their Spectre series, and these look ready to handle almost anything; we’re not sure if we want to skate, hoop or walk on Mars with them. The classic Chicago Bulls-inspired black/red color scheme definitely us feeling some type of way and we can see these as a staple in our spring sneaker rotation. Are y’all feeling these, or are these too close to a Nike Air Jordan VII remake? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Karmaloop_Guru_CTA_Click_to_Shopsupra-the-magazine-sneaker-1-570x380 supra-the-magazine-sneaker-2-570x380 supra-the-magazine-sneaker-3-570x380

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