Suzi Analogue – “Jump Rope” [Exclusive Video Premiere]

The first time we heard the soulfully twisted sounds of Suzi Analogue, she was one half of Analogue Monsta with Brainfeeder producer Tokimonsta, and since then both artists have grown further into their respective disciplines. While a collaboration always brings out unexpected results, only a solo effort can be a 100% pure expression, in which case, we’re about to find out what Analogue truly sounds like.

For hew new release Chills + Thrills, Suzi took the reigns, handling the production, vocals, and recording, and establishing the imprint Never Normal Records. The first single and video from this effort are “Jump Rope,” a sleekly styled black and white video capturing the playfulness of some of Suzi’s major hip hop influences. We caught up with her to chat about the origins of her name, her love for the Cocteau Twins, and rasterbating–err… rasterizing.

GURU: So what kind of last name is Analogue, is that German?

Suzi Analogue: Yes and no.

Analogue is a music family last name. If you are into the way classic music is made and produced, you know that analogue is a high quality technique to record audio. Analogue recordings give a warm, natural, full sound because the sound signals are captured in waves. You can actually feel them.

I’m pretty addicted to recording audio. I’ve been recording myself on cassette tapes since I was nine years old, like me singing my own made up songs or singing along to my favorite Missy and Aaliyah songs. I found recording to be mad fun, so the name is pretty much a family thing. I grew up with it.

And to be politically correct about it, my family members are called the Famalogue. We roll deep.

Do you actually love the Cocteau Twins or just ironically?

No, I actually do love the dreamy imaginative pop music of the Cocteau Twins. I love music from the UK period. It’s so on point with the feelings. Plus the Cocteau Twins weren’t even twins. There were three people in the band. Only real Gs can have a band named Twin and not be twins in real life. Also, big up Aphex Twin.


What was it like producing Chills + Thrills yourself as opposed to working with a producer?

The biggest difference I experienced producing my own EP entirely was that I really felt the music 100%. I connected deeply with every micro-aspect of the sound because it all came from my imagination, piece by piece: loops, drums, lyrics… it was all me.

When I work with other producers, I still write honest songs, but I write with the feelings in mind that I know that producer would appreciate. That changes things a bit.

With Chills + Thrills I felt like i was able to go very raw with the beats, very imaginative with the arrangement, and be very honest with my lyrics. And it shows. There are a lot of songs on Chills + Thrills that I just zone out to because I was letting a lot out and it was all very personal. I recorded myself for each song off the record, too. It is really super freeing to be able to zone into your work like that. I enjoyed doing it a lot, so I will be putting out more recordings of my own on NEVER NORMAL RECORDS.

How many times can you jump rope without a break?

Probably up to ten straight jumps if no one makes me laugh. But people always try to make me laugh while I jump rope.


Are those really giant tube socks or are are they regular sized and you’re just really tiny?

The director of the video Fresh Pres works camera magic, so he actually shrunk us all down to fit into his camera lens and perfect the video’s angles. Luckily, we had Melanie Gershman working on the styling, and she’s a pro and knows just where to find perfectly-sized accessories. It was a Famalogue effort. shout out to every awesome person who made the video shine.

What inspired the wardrobe in “Jump Rope”?

“Jump Rope” had a crazy creative process, but the color story was inspired by Notorious B.I.G.’s x Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear” (Remix) video. We wanted the video to look clean. I am a big rap fan, so we thought it would be dope to recreate that Bad Boy feel, but add the bad girls and bring it to the future a bit. We added my BOUT IT BOUT IT girls (the dancers) and my Wavy Ladies, gave the dress code, and everyone came through ready to jump.


Without Googling, what is The Rasterbator?

I’m kind of a graphics head on the low, so a rasterbator is a machine that rasterize’s images and makes it possible for you to print them out in huge tiles. All the tiles add up and make one big image. It really looks awesome, especially on walls. Maybe one day I will rasterbate–I mean rasterize an image from “Jump Rope”.

And we’ll be there to see it. Thanks!

Grab “Jump Rope” on iTunes

Watch Suzy get her Jump Rope on in these new jumpers from MKL

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