#SWAG IN HISTORY: Woody Harrelson in White Men Can’t Jump


Today’s lesson of #SWAG IN HISTORY:  Woody Harrelson in the film White Men Can’t Jump. Before he mastered creepy-murderer-Juliette-Lewis-is-my-psycho-main-chick-swag in Natural Born Killers, Woody Harrelson captured the essence of I-picked-my-swag-off-the-floor-of-my-shitty-apartment swag in White Men Can’t Jump. The year is 1992, and Woody Harrelson is playing the role of a street savvy basketball hustler opposite of Wesley Snipes. Now, going head to head in a swag battle against Wesley Snipes (White Men Can’t Jump) is like going head to head in a taekwondo battle with Wesley Snipes (Demolition Man) or head to head in a crack smoking battle with Wesley Snipes (New Jack City.)  Still, we think Woody won this one simply because Wesley Snipes tank top’s neckline was way too deep.  Like way way too deep.  And with that little cyclist hat.  Wesley what are you doing?


Woody on the other hand was rocking Parental Advisory shirts the first time it was cool to rock Parental Advisory shirts. He was also rocking a tie dye snapback the first time it was cool to rock tie dye snapbacks.  Well, it may be the only time it was cool to wear a tie dye snapback, but still, homie had swag.  If he wasn’t wearing a Parental Advisory shirt, he was rocking a shirt with some trill ass cowboys on it.  And, if he was gonna wear a sus deep deep neckline tank top he at least had the dignity to wear a sus shirt with dolphins on it underneath.


Yes, it’s very apparent Woody won this swag battle against the Snipes man (does anyone else call him “the Snipes man” or did I just make that up?) Then again, I feel like the Snipes man never really catches a break at the end (again, Demolition Man and New Jack City).  Cry me a river though, Snipes man, cry me a river, cause Woody just swagged on you with a dolphin shirt. And you know why?  Intensity. How can you compete with homie when he has this much power behind his swag?  I mean check dude out… That’s swag intensity.


Damn, I just noticed those shorts.  Thank god the hoop got a chain net cause if not it would have caught fire from the fuego-factor of the pattern on dudes shorts.  And that’s why Woody Harrelson in White Men Can’t Jump is your lesson today in #SWAG IN HISTORY.

You can get your own Parental Advisory style shirt from Rocksmith right here.


We even got a tie dye snapback from Huf for you too homie.


When it comes to a deep deep neckline tank top though, you’re on you own bruh bruh.

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