The Ultimate Sweater Guide For The Winter [STYLE GUIDE]


As much as you may hate to admit it, there are certain situations when wearing a hoody just doesn’t cut it. Every now and then, you need to realize you’re not inside a college dorm and throw on something a little more apropos. Oh, you disagree? Well, for starters, here are some clear-cut situations where you should definitely avoid wearing a hoody:

1. Meeting your girlfriend’s WASPy parents. Do you want them to think you are striving for a lifetime of unemployment? C’mon now.

2. Your homie’s 21st birthday party at The Watering Hole. Yeah, we know it’s your boy, but do you really want to celebrate looking like you spent the whole day playing GTAV and eating Cheetos?

3. Walking in the street at night in Florida.

Now that you don’t need any more convincing, it’s time to talk about the important facets of sweater swag. First, you need to determine what look and feel you’re going for–for formal situations, you’re going to want heavier, cableknit sweaters (made of wool). Save the lightweight cotton joints for your more casual encounters.

We know you don’t actually have time to think about that kind of stuff, so we created a style guide to make your life that much easier. Swag it out with our Ultimate Sweater Style Guide right now:

1. LRG – Route 47 Sweater

This is for everyone who really doesn’t want to wear a sweater even though they know they probably should. LRG gives us a clean, color blocked midweight sweater which is casual, yet refined enough to get you through multiple situations. Pair it with some khakis or corduroys for the most appropriate look. Avoid wearing jeans with these as the dark greys will look strange and monochromatic when sitting next to any dark denim.

2. Bellfield – Collared Sweater

Bellfield hits us with the ideal office party sweater, mixing cotton and wool with a traditional winter pattern, all while not making it look too Mr. Rogers’d out. We’re feeling the ribbed details on the wrists and the general aesthetic of this whole thang. Bellfield keeps killin’ em.

3. Rothco – WWII Vintage Mechanics Sweater

Everyone should have at least one pullover shawl sweater in their wardrobe. They provide a great alternative to your typical wool sweater by giving it a casual, youthful feel, but the moment you pair it with an oxford shirt underneath, you’re ready for the big leagues. When it comes to fashion, versatility is always key. Rothco gives us this vintage inspired pullover in a unique rust color, making it great to pair with some raw denim and desert boots for an undeniably mature look.

4. Matix – The MJ Classic Sweater

Matix comes through with a slim fit, lightweight sweater which has the versatility for different situations. Pair it with some Naked & Famous Denim for Friday night look, or throw on some chinos and fit right in at a more formal dinner. The simple color blocking also helps you accessorize and match it with a 5-panel cap or a pair of Reeboks.

5. Classified – Rollneck Sweater in Black

We know what you’re thinking, “I know they didn’t put a TURTLENECK on this list?!” But when you look at this, think Money Makin’ Mitch more than retired grandpa. Turtleneck sweaters can be extremely swaggy when paired with the right pieces, such as a leather jacket or a slim fit pair of slacks. They are definitely an acquired taste, usually reserved for the grown and sexy but women love them so, that should be reason enough.

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