What is it About Swedes and Reggae? Elliphant Heats Up a Cold World


We’re prepping for our video debut of Major Lazer‘s Jillionaire’s release “Fresh,” featuring Swedish reggae artist Sanjin who gave us a killer top 10 list earlier this week. While we thought Sanjin was an anomaly, a new EP popped up on Mad Decent’s Soundcloud by a singer named Elliphant and yes, she’s also a Swedish reggae artist.  How an icy country of Vikings is giving birth to a new generation of interesting reggae artists we’re not really sure, but Elliphant has brought us a hell of EP.  Combining pop, EDM, dancehall and dubstep, Elliphant’s sounds remind us of a stadium anthem ready, #turnt the fuck up via Swedish incarnation of M.I.A. Keep your ears open for more- the sound of summer is here.

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