SXSW: What We’re Doing in Austin This Year!


What do you think of when you hear SXSW? A lot of music, sure. But also a lot of super-sponsored mega-events like the Dorito’s Bold Stage that looks like a giant vending machine. Rumor has it that Macklemore is going to crowdsurf using a giant Dorito like a boogie board this year. So we decided to look towards the other side of Southby…

In past years in Austin, after we were done filming, we always seemed to find ourselves at this one particular party. All of our friends were always there, there was never any drama getting in, and the DJ lineup always had the dancefloor popping with a variety of killer music from around the world- some familiar, some not- which is just the way we like it. This party is called Peligrosa, and this year in Austin we decided to have our cake and eat it too- we’re sponsoring the party we always hung out at anyways!


To make things even better, EDM blog Do Androids Dance is going to be joining us there as well. We’ll be sharing content all week, from interviews to mixes to party photos. Best of all, the party is free and open to the public.  No drama, no hassle, just the Karmaloop friends and family on the dancefloor.

Do Androids Dance have an interview with Peligrosa founder DJ Orion that gives crucial insight into what makes this party so special, so definitely hop over and get the primer. There will be exclusive mixes available all week as well, the first one of which is vibes filled house mix from MSCLS below.  See you in Austin!

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