#SXSW Polaroids: A-Trak, GLC, Chad Hugo, Lupe Fiasco, Que and more [KLX Exclusive]

KarmaloopTV‘s famed director of photography Thuan Tran brought a Polaroid camera with him down to Texas, snapping photos of many of the musicians and artists we were able to meet on the trip. While this collection (and the Polaroid format) is meant to be one-of-a-kind physical reminder of a very special week, Thuan decided to share some of his favorites.  There’s no way to replicate the Polaroid look, so we hope you enjoy these unique photos of some truly legendary musicians.


Chad Hugo, Neptunes legend.  We ran into him at the Complex house and had to snap a pic of one of the most legendary beatmakers.”



Black Dave from our home turf of Brooklyn.  Snapped him at the Complex house sitting in front of mad bricks.  Like actual bricks.”



“Chicago’s GLC from Good Music.  I was mad turnt and didn’t recognize him.  After I snapped the pic I was like oh shit…”



“A pensive Danny Brown.  I caught him the one second probably ever he was not going wild.”



A-Trak and Been Trill’s Virgil.  Super team right here.  Virgil’s giving me the finger and A-Trak is point at Virgil, thereby kind of also giving me the finger.”



“OG Bobby Johnson Que himself…”



“Finally, the legend Lupe Fiasco.  Had to grab a flick of this dude…”

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