Taking "How To Make A Cute Dress Out Of Shorts" To The Next Level

cute dress lead

If the above image is new/disturbing to you, then you clearly have not been immersed deep enough in the internet for the past 15 minutes. Right now, men all over the world are squeezing both legs into one leg of their gym shorts and pulling the other leg over one shoulder to create a “cute dress” in the style of this fashion statement’s innovator, redditor Jooord.

Beginning as a simple, three-step tutorial, HTMACDOOS, as it will no doubt be abbreviated, garnered participation from men of all sorts–manly men, girly men, nerdy men, silly men–even women, who some would say are not men at all. And the results are absolutely, mind-bendingly hilarious. Go through this chain¬†and whatever worries were plaguing you will disintegrate into dust as you lose your mind laughing.

Here are some of our favorite contributions to this trend. Thank you, reddit, for reminding us that there is still good, clean, harmless fun to be had in this world.

cute dress 1

cute dress 3cute dress 2


cute dress 4

cute dress 5

Ball shorts are aight for HTMACDOOS, but if you really want to class your shit up, try these patterned shorts from Crooks & Castles.

Custom_Widget_Crooks_and_Castle-Black_Red Shorts

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