Get Real With Teal [Style Guide]


Teal has to be one of the most underrated colors in the game. Though it gets featured in a lot of sports logos (Seattle Mariners, Charlotte Hornets, Memphis Grizzlies, etc), it never really gets the love it deserves in streetwear.

Though we understand why people stick to wearing dark, staple colors in the winter, we feel that it’s time for this trend to die. Why not add a little flavor to your wardrobe and mix in some colors that the rest of the world isn’t ready to wear? We did a little groundwork so you don’t have to, and found the cleanest aqua-inspired pieces to add to your closest this season.

Scroll down to see which of these you can see yourself flossing this winter. 

1. Wu Tang Brand Shaolin Vegan Leather Snapback 



2. Rocksmith Rendezvous Tee


3. LRG Kente Track Jacket



4. 10 Deep Siler Cargo Pants 


5. G-Shock 8900 Crazy Color Watch



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