Get On That Baller Status With The Right Varsity Jacket [STYLE GUIDE]


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We know you never made the varsity squad in high school (and no, being the team “manager” doesn’t count). Hell, we never made the team either, we were too busy getting a higher learning and forgot to even show up for tryouts.

Fast forwarding a bit after our awkward high school years (and ignoring the fact that all our favorite cheerleaders are now overweight with two kids), we quickly learned that it didn’t really matter what you did, as long as you looked good doing it. This brought us back to the revered adage, “Perception is reality.” You gotta to be fresh at all times.

Given our new found knowledge, we felt that it is only right to share. We thought about all the kids who never made the team despite eating their Wheaties, and found the freshest gear on Karmaloop to make up for the pain. Check our Varsity Jacket Style Guide below:

1. Staple – Darwin Varsity Jacket

Jeff Staple is killing the competition right now, and this is just another example. The gold detailing here gives it a very collegiate feel, and the pigeon logo is a welcome reinvention from all the corny team names you had in high school (Predators, anyone?)

2. Playcloths – Korpral Varsity Jacket

This joint right here? No team you could ever make could have a jacket this fly. Playcloths takes varsitys to the next level, by fusing an all-over floral print with contrasting sleeves and clean color blocking.

3. Mishka – Empire Varsity Jacket

The tribal print on the cuffs set this a part from the average varsity you will find while thrift store shopping. Mishka is known for their consistency, and step it up here by giving this jacket a true wool varsity feel. Insta-cop.

4. LRG – Legacy Jacket

Another rare find that is definitely not like any jacket your old high school ever handed out. Featuring shiny, leatherette sleeves a blacked out motif, this one is guaranteed to attract a little extra female attention next time you step out.

5. Society – Giant Land Varsity Jacket

Featuring raglan sleeves and a quilted interior, this varsity is a league of its own. Society does well to add subtle, leather stylings on here, which is something that you will almost never find on a varsity. Very rare, indeed.

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