The Best of Jay Z & JT’s New Video in GIFs

My money keeps going up like this!

Earlier today, Jay Z released his new video for “Holy Grail” exclusively on his Facebook page. Hov is the first major artist to debut a video in this fashion, cutting out YouTube. Before you ask, yes, we also felt uncomfortable watching a Facebook embed, and  though we are usually big fans of Jay’s business decisions, we are not into this move.

As we outlined in our investigative report a few weeks ago, Facebook is a drug with highly addictive qualities. Even though Jay Z has made a career out of openly endorsing drug sales, he went too far with this one. Millions of people listen to Jay. If they all have to endure Facebook’s glitchy video player, this video will garner a fraction of the views that it would have on Youtube.

Luckily for you, we sent one of our lowly interns deep into the annals of Facebook to retrieve highlights from the video so you wouldn’t have to. Here are the best moments from Jay Z and Justin Timberlake‘s “Holy Grail” video in GIFs:


God damn it, I like it. Brights lights is enticing…


…but look what it did to Tyson!


Is that…God or Jay Z? Can’t even tell the difference anymore.

White sheets

A poor man’s Halloween party?

To hear more from Jay about the process behind The Magna Carta Holy Grail, check out his interview with the Breakfast Club below:



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