The Facebook Addiction Cycle (Infographic)

Snorting Facebook.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, a recent study added yet another piece of evidence to bolster the case that Facebook destroys the psyche of anyone who makes the mistake of signing up for an account—so that’s about 500 million psychologically broken people.

Those of us who have been there (to Facebook-addiction-land, that is) know that it’s not like other addictions. Facebook crack has its own aroma, and that comes with its own unique caveats. Knowing full well what you’re doing to yourself, you embark on this downward spiral, emerging slightly less human with each go-around.

Are you addicted to Facebook?


If you’re interested in treating your Facebook addiction by “going analog,” you can adopt a practice that existed well before social media ever existed: writing in your diary with a ski mask on. 

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