The Process: Behind The Design of Spenzo’s "Paper Kings" T-Shirt Design


Every t-shirt you’ve ever worn was once some designer’s day dream. Every video you’ve ever seen was once a director’s vision. The Process takes you from the first scribbles of an idea through its maturation.

In this first edition of The Process, we highlight the “Paper Kings” T-shirt. Karmaloop TV created this design alongside our collaboration with Chicago rapper Spenzo. The concept behind the “Paper Kings” tee was to take a new spin on the old hip hop motif of  “Get Money.” As the designer, I had mad ideas to start off with, but as I went along they all seemed to be played out by the time I had fully thought them out. Luckily, my homie and creative genius of Karmaloop TV, @LIL INTERNET, was in the office that week. He brought up the idea of it being a crown so we played with some mockups and ended up with the idea of a “Money Crown.” At first, we were thinking about it as a crown wrapped in money, but then I had an idea of actually folding a $100 bill up as a crown, origami style . After a few photoshop mocksups and watching mad ” How to fold a origami crowns” videos on YouTube, I went into Cinema 4d to do the heavy lifting of actually building a 3d model of the crown. After hours of modeling I came up with the first round. The first version was then tweeked to be more compact with a few more crown spikes. Then after the modeling was completed, I played with some layouts on shirts. We wanted to keep it super simple with the graphic as the main focal point. Below are the steps this project went through from the first sketches to the tech-packing of the shirt to the final item on







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