There’s A Weed Fairy Giving Out Free Weed In Brooklyn, And She Made This Song About It


New York is regularly transformed into a magical place by artists, whether it’s the ancient works that cartoonify subway stations, the fleeting augmentations of Central Park, or Banksy’s current campaign of merry havoc. But there is one artist who speaks to New Yorkers by giving them the gift of free weed and a message of understanding. The Weed Fairy has been distributing flyers with an attached little baggy of nug on and off for the past few months, and she recently gave her first public interview to an immensely irritating host on HuffPo Live.

Turns out The Weed Fairy actually doesn’t smoke weed herself because she wigged out on a cupcake a couple of months ago. She knew she wouldn’t smoke any of her trees after that, so she decided to give it away bud by bud to anyone who might need it. It’s a random act of kindness that got many Brooklynites stoned, one of whom was our friend Pictureplane.

In her personal sober time, The Weed Fairy made this track all about her weed-giving activities, giving us a peak into the brain of a true altruist. “Smoke me out and I’ll smoke you out” indeed, Weed Fairy. Nice flow.

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What good is a Weed Fairy if you don’t have the right socks?



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