Throwback Thursday: Dillon Francis & Diplo – “Que Que” (ft. Maluca)

We’ve done so many music videos sometimes even we lose count. Every once in a while, we have a “ohhh remember when we did that?” moment. Throwback Thursdays are our way of sharing that moment with you.

Back in 2011, Dillon Francis was relatively unknown and moombahton was strictly a niche genre. He had just released his debut EP Swashbuckler on Play Me Records when he caught the attention of our homie Diplo. The rest, as they say, is history. Later that year, Dillon became the first moombathon artist to reach the number one spot on the beatport charts.

“Que Que” marked their first collaboration and Dillon’s first major break through into the public spotlight. Featuring “tropical punk” songstress Maluca, this track was one of the first to combine trap drums, dubstep synths, latin grooves and vocal glitches to form what we now affectionately call ‘moombathon.’

Our creative director Lil’ Internet directed this wacky video with his signature low-budget-yet-over-the-top style. Filled with crazy visuals, kids making faces, hot girls, and weird dance moves, this video will leave you saying “wtf did I just watch and where can I find more?!”

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