Top 5 Weirdest Most W#*$% Diplo Videos


DJ, producer and cultural overlord Diplo is known for many things- his dancehall group Major Lazer, who were sampled by Beyonce, his track record of making very hot songs for mainstream rappers, and his insistence on remaining underground despite these big successes.  One of the ways you can tell he won’t change for anyone is his music videos, which range from beautiful to very very strange.

KarmaloopTV and Diplo go way back, all the way to 2010 when we helped film the video for European pop star Robyn’s “Dancehall Queen. From there our director @LILINTERNET moved on to Dillon Francis, Diplo, and Maluca‘s “Que Que,”  Diplo’s “Express Yourself,” and Diplo’s dancehall reggae side project Major Lazer’s collaboration with Riff Raff on the “Original Don Remix.”

The next chapter in our relationship with one of the world’s top DJ’s is our release of Major Lazer’s “Lose Yourself” featuring dancehall superstars RDX, and shot by KarmaloopTV’s Shomi Patwary and Thuan Tran.  Diplo and Major Lazer have quite a track record for awesome (and strange) music videos, so we picked the Top 5 Diplo Videos in order of weirdness.  If any of our videos are on this list, it’s because they are weird enough to deserve it.


5.  Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex- Set It Off  (Directed by Ryan Staake)

An endless stripper pole reaching into the heavens.  We are pretty sure that one sentence was the entire pitch for this video, and that’s all it really needed.  We’ve never been held in such holy awe by strippers, maybe aside from the time we shot at a strip club in Houston for Beyonce.  Although that was more unholy awe.

4.  Major Lazer- Original Don (Directed by Kyle Frere)

In 2011 a strange viral video emerged of some odd looking kids dancing with swords to trance music in the suburbs with their grandmother.  Diplo, being on top of everything cool immediately as always, found the kids and had them star in the Major Lazer video for Original Don.  The result is a brilliant and odd video that you want to watch over and over again.

3.  Diplo, Dillon Francis & Maluca- Que Que (Directed by @LILINTERNET)

A very weird video from our resident weird director @LILINTERNET.  The story goes he told Diplo and all the idea of everyone being cross-eyed right before they started shooting, even though he had intended it this way all along.  With such heavy, spur of the moment peer pressure they reluctantly agreed, for better or worse.

2.  Major Lazer- Bubble Butt (Directed by Eric Wareheim)

Eric Wareheim from Tim & Eric fame has directed a few videos for Major Lazer, but this one is absolutely takes the freak cake.  It starts off with some #seapunk girls listening to #seapunk music and taking selfies, until their butts get inflated to a massive size and they find themselves suddenly in the middle of a butt carnival. There are some amazing butts in their video and enough weirdness to give you nightmares for a year.  Butts and nightmares, that’s like our two favorite things!

1.  Major Lazer- Keep It Going Louder (Directed by Eric Wareheim)

The Bubble Butt video was weird, but this video made us feel less better about forcing Diplo to go cross eyed in “Que Que.”  The large women with even larger mouths and even larger than that foreheads kinda make us vom in our mouths.  It’s a cheerful song, and the video is full of pretty colors (and a pretty Nina Sky), but those forehead women will cause a grown man to quiver with fear.  Thank you Eric Wareheim for out weirding us.  You might be the reason Diplo hired us again.


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