The Top 5 Interracial Rap Groups Of All Time


As we were watching the latest video from Run the Jewels (El-P and Killer Mike), we couldn’t help but wonder where they ranked when it came to rap’s greatest interracial groups. Rap has seen a revolving door of mixed race groups over the years, from the MC Serch led-3rd Bass to the comical Smilez and Southstar, but only few have stood the test of time. Some of that can be attributed to American pop culture’s resistance to non-identifiable racial backgrounds, but most of it was due to just bad music.

We spent some time crawling around the corners of our mind and finally came up with a list we feel good about. Check out Top 5 Interracial Rap Groups of All Time.

1. Pharrell and Chad Hugo aka The Neptunes


The Neptunes are ageless and their tunes are timeless. Four Grammys, 24 top-ten hits, and an estimated net worth of 155 million. Not to mention two very dope clothing lines. Also, it never hurts that Pharrell is the big homie of Karmaloop.

2. Evidence and Rakaa Iriscience (and DJ Babu) aka Dilated Peoples


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A lot of you young-guns may not know about these L.A. legends, as they haven’t really been in the press much since around 2003 or so (when they did the soundtrack for Need For Speed). They’ve made some of the dopest authentic hip hop out, so, if you’re into that kinda thing, you should listen through to their whole discography.

3. El-P and Killer Mike aka Run The Jewels


El-P and Killer Mike have been rolling since dropping Run the Jewels over the summer on Fools Gold. As this whole list was inspired by their new video, we had to put them on the list!

4. Alchemist and Prodigy


Y’all already know we fuck with these two guys. If you haven’t yet, check out the interview we did with them a couple weeks ago at A3C. Two of the illest in the game, Prodigy’s hard-hitting flow is consistently perfectly complemented by Alchemist’s minimalist boom-bap production.

5.  Eminem and Proof


Image via justshady

Arguably the saddest item on this list, Emenim and Proof were the best friend duo that, in our opinion, really made D12 a great hip hop group. With Proof’s passing in 2006 definitely effected everyone, but probably no one more so than Em. It’s always a nostalgic, bittersweet experience listening to them spit fire–but the music they made will live on for at least a few more decades.

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