Top 5 Rapper Vine And Instagram Posts This Week [8/19/13]

What is going on here?

Y’all might not know this yet, but GURU is all about that Vine/Instagram magic. Sure, there’s mostly just garbage out there, but it’s our job to sift through the shit and bring you the gems. In doing so, we’ve noticed a pattern: some of the most awesome posts are by our favorite rappers, who are always throwing the looniest shit onto their social accounts. It’s like peering directly into their weird, creative brains. So, if you don’t mind, let’s go ahead and read too deeply into these ridiculous moments.

This week, we’re showing you the funniest Vine and Instagram posts by rappers.

1. Waka Flocka Feline:

Waka like cats. A lot.

Technically, that would have to be “CAT ASS,” right?

2. Action Bronson vs. Schoolboy Q:

The beef goes on…

3. Snoop Lion

Or is it Smoken, now?

Snoop smoking fatties, cartoon or otherwise, will never stop being entertaining.

4. Mac Miller Sneezes “Givenchy”:

Hopefully designer sneezes doesn’t become a trend, bruh. Actually, wait… Designer Sneezes™ Coming to GURU Winter 2013.

5. A$AP Rocky:

ASAP Cher.

Is A$AP the Cher of the rap game? Either way, all praises due to the (Trap) Lord.

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