The Top 5 T-Shirts You Need This Summmer


Don’t let anyone ever tell you “It’s just a t-shirt.” Just a what? Nah. Since the summer time means less layers and simpler outfits, if a t-shirt is all you’re going to have on, you better make sure it’s fire. Yeah, we’re all for monochromatic v-necks here and there, but you better make sure to have some real wavy joints in addition to those.

What makes a t-shirt so-called, “fire”? Whether it’s the graphic, the layout, the cut or the colors, make sure it’s something that you don’t see at the mall every day. Lucky for you, we took the time to search through the thousands (literally) of them on Karmaloop, and picked out the 5 freshest one. Sit back and click away, homie. klx-misc-CTA-topfivetees

1. Staple Fractal Tee


Not only is the Staple pigeon a classic, but the dope geometric patterning at the bottom of this makes it extra cold.

2. 10 Deep Big Ten Tee



There’s no sports analogy here. This is just clean.

3. Born Fly Land Tee




What better way to camouflage and stand out at the same time?

3. 8&9 Clothing Goons Hockey Tee


Goonies! (c) Jim Jones voice

5. NEFF The MK28 Tee



Mickey meets streetwear. Hell yeah.


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