Top Off Your Look With The Flyest Headwear On Karmaloop [STYLE GUIDE]


When it comes to streetwear, your lid game is paramount. Whether you’re repping your favorite sports team or just trying to keep your ears warm, what you rock on your dome says a lot about you. The right hat can make an otherwise boring outfit pop, not to mention cover up a botched fade. The key here is rocking headwear that means something to you. It’s gotta be something unique. Wearing a fitted just based on color or popularity generally isn’t a good look.

There are a lot of styles out there, from snapbacks to beanies to fedoras to buckethats. You’ve got to pick the one that’s right for your build. Lucky for you, we’ve got pretty much every style you’re ever gonna need, and we took it upon ourselves to showcase some of our favorite pieces:

1. Huf – The Plantlife Box Logo 5 Panel


With marijuana becoming more and more accepted and embraced by the general public, now’s the best time to invest in some gear that displays your love for the green. This five-panel cap from Huf is a dope addition to your collection, with a unique color pallate and their signature all-over plant life print.

2. Staple – The Daly Pigeon Snapback


We’re huge fans of Jeff Staple. Every piece that comes out of his camp is utterly unique, and they’re all consistently top-notch quality. This subdued, 100% cotton snapback features the signature staple pigeon embroidered at the front with a tribal print brim. This hat goes perfectly with the Daly Loopback Hoodie. Rock this look with some jeans to get that laid-back-yet-super-fresh steez.

3. Altamont – The Peacock Reversible Bucket Hat


Buckethats have been around for a long time, and they’re currently making a resurgence. From Earl Sweatshirt to Schoolboy Q, you’ll see a lot of cats rocking the versatile, loud hats these days. This black and white bucket hat from Altamont features an intricate, highly-detailed, abstract print. With a reversible canvas lining, you can switch up your look in two seconds flat and look fly both ways.

4. Wutang Brand Limited – The 36 Chambers Leather Strapback


Honestly, there isn’t much we have to say about this one. Who doesn’t love Wu Tang? Who hasn’t listened to 36 Chambers on repeat? Is there anyone out there who would deny that they’ve got one of the illest logos of all time? This 6-panel hat is a must-have for any and all hip hop fans.

5. NEFF– The Fold Beanie


It’s time to face it: winter is here. Keep your ears and head warm with the classic Fold Beanie from NEFF. This beanie has been NEFF’s bread-and-butter knit hat since the brand’s birth and it’s timeless gangster-inspired design is sure to stick around from now through eternity. This exclusive style is made from 100% acrylic and features a ribbed knit throughout with a NEFF logo patch at the fold-over brim. The good thing about this simple piece is that you can rock it with just about anything. And for just $16, this is definitely a wise and affordable addition to your winter wardrobe.


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