Tory Burch Replaces Versace As Every Rapper’s Favorite Brand

Finally, the Tory Burch hip-hop track you deserve.

Versace, Versace may have been the wave this summer, but it looks like we may be entering a new era of swag where old money has replaced Young Money, ironically just as Hamptons season is winding down. “Tory Burch,” the latest, first, and possibly only #rare single from C.O.B. Mob–that’s “Concepts Over Bitches” in case you were wondering–will have you jonesing equally for a cruise in the (t)Rolls Royce and a boho-chic caftan from the cruise collection.

This meta collab effort from new media smartists Ryder Ripps and Hennessy Youngman manages to induce the same Pavlovian learned instincts of latent consumerism that have rich fuccbois buying Givenchy, so get ready to question your life when a week from now, you’re still humming the lyrics to yourself and you realize that you’re seriously jonesing to cop some fresh Tory B.

We lost it around “…Tory stamp, right up on the kilogram”.

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