Travel To Morocco To Get A Look At The Secret Wu-Tang Album

By now, we’ve all heard about this secret Wu-Tang album of which only ONE copy exists in the world. Treating it more like a Picasso than a Jay Z album, the RZA has stated that he intends to sell this single copy to the highest bidder in the world, and after that will retire the Wu Tang name. Whoa.

Previously, the rumor was that it was recorded somewhere in the Middle East, but that was about all we knew. Today, Forbes unveils the curtain and releases a mini documentary chronicling their travels to Morocco to find this supposed work of art and confirm the legitimacy of the RZA’s claims. As expected, this album really does exist (in a gold case), and from the 50-second clip that producer Cilva-Ringz plays, it sounds pretty intense.

Click play to watch it all go down and get an idea of where Wu is about to take the game. How much do y’all think this album is going to sell for? Let us know in the comments!

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