Travie McCoy From Gym Class Drops Something You Would Never Expect

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What does a rock star who’s travelled the world, had #1 records and bagged your favorite actress do when he wants to try something new? Make toys, duh! [emuze]Travis McCoy[/emuze] from the famous group of yesteryear, [emuze]Gym Class Heroes[/emuze], is back in the mix, this time doing something for Comic Con instead of the pop charts.

Dubbed, “IKARUS,” this 10-inch tall figure in a collaboration between Travie and MINDstyle, set to drop this Friday at this year’s Comic Con function in San Diego. Featuring a whole of symbolism between the blunt, the tattoo and the wings, this little man might be the perfect conversation starter for your apartment this summer.

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Ever wondered what Travie’s old apartment in NYC looked like? We got you. 


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