Twerking Semi-Nude in the Snow for EDM: Behind Jillionaire’s & Salvatore Ganacci’s “Fresh” | Video

“Definitely, definitely below freezing,” KarmaloopTV director Shomi Patwary says of the temperature while shooting the video for Major Lazer member Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci’s new track “Fresh” featuring Sanjin.   Shomi met Diplo’s right hand man Jillionaire on the set for Major Lazer’s “Lose Yourself” in Jamaica, and the two created the concept to be shot in NYC in the coming weeks.  With support already from EDM’s biggest DJ’s- Skrillex and Dillon Francis already have it in heavy rotation- the video for “Fresh” will reveal the banger to the world. The track isn’t the only thing being revealed.  The Major Lazer dancers do their thing wearing next to nothing… in the snow.


Collaborators Sanjin and Salvatore Ganacci hail from Sweden via the Balkans, so the winter shoot wasn’t a big deal for them.  The girls on the other hand braved a winter storm and still made sure to twerk right, as there just isn’t the same impact shaking it in a snow suit.  We’re going to go ahead and claim the hashtag #SNOWTWERK right now.  KarmaloopTV has the behind the scenes with Jillionaire, Sanjin, Salvatore and some very cold babes who are very dedicated to the art of the twerk. Everyone on the shoot swears they could melt snow with their asses alone… see for yourself in the video!


All of the clothing (and lack there of) in the video was styled and provided by, and you can find all of the looks from Zanerobe joggers and Crooks and Castles sweatshirts to LRG jackets and Y.R.U. boots right here.  Definitely “fresh” from the track to the outfits!  Catch the video debuting Friday!

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