Tyler, The Creator Stole Our Idea And We Love Him For It [GIF Notes]


Well, sort of. See we’ve done a lot of music videos for some of the bigger names in the biz (and wait ’til you see what we have in the pipeline). But we’ve also done a lot of videos for artists that we love that don’t have massive followings. We’ve all been part of countless projects that were created only for the love–we’ve make art for the sake of making it.

So when we heard that Tyler’s latest directoral effort was for an unknown band in a completely different genre, we simultaneously groaned and cheered. The OFWGKTA leader consistently impresses us with his vision and willingness to leap outside the box and stay there. This video is vibrant, touching, and (uncharacteristically), totally SFW and non-controversial. It follows a couple from childhood into old age, who remain together while the world around them burns. The track is a synth-poppy, melodic, fast-paced tune that bears absolutely no resemblance to any music Odd Future has ever made.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the videos as GIFs. Don’t hesitate to share these if you love this video as much as we do:




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